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1911 vs 1917

This year the old courses 1911 and 1921 have been given new names and codes (1917 and 1927 respectively) and two new simple courses have been created each covering half the material of 1917. In a master stroke of confusion two new courses have been given the names and codes of the old computing courses. Confused? The diagram below hopefully explains all:


New CSE students should all take 1917 then 1927. They are allowed to take the longer sequence 1911 -> 1921 -> 1927 but this will cost them another course and probably be frustratingly boring because the new 1911 and 1921 courses are designed for students with little interest or background in computing.

Students from other schools are able to take 1917 and 1927 wherever their school requires them to take 1911 and 1921. Our advice is to choose based on interest or desire for challenge. Neither 1911 or 1917 assume that students have done any computing before so don't choose 1911 just because you don't have any prior computing background.

Older CSE students who have already passed the old 1911 but not the old 1921 should enroll in the new 1927, not the new 1921.

Any questions ask the school office or your program director.

advice given

Here is the advice i just gave to some students who asked about transferring 1911->1917 (it is now the last day of week 2)

  • you will learn the same c content either way.  you'll be with fellow cse students if you go via 1917 which is nice to get to become part of the year group.  1917 is initially more stressful and more work if you have not programmed before but that will pass by midway thru.  if you are happy with 1911 there is some advantage in continuing that way rather than trying to change to something unknown.  it is getting a bit late to switch to 1917 now unless you want to do a lot of catch up in the break.  but the other route will cost you one more course and you need to check with your programme advisor (colin?) if you will get credit for 2 or for 3 courses after doing 1911 1921 1927.
    see also https://wiki.cse.unsw.edu.au/~info/cgi-bin/moin.cgi/1911vs1917.  
    you can check out the 1917 homepage at http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~cs1917/
    you should let us know before the end of week 2 if you want to switch (email undergrad@cse*unsw*edu*au and cc cs1917@cse*unsw*edu*au).