AI'12 General Game Playing Competition

General game players are computer systems able to accept formal descriptions of arbitrary games and able to play those games effectively without human intervention. General game playing systems are characterised by their use of general cognitive information-processing technologies (such as knowledge representation, reasoning, learning, and rational behaviour). Unlike specialised game playing systems (such as Deep Blue), they do not rely on algorithms designed in advance for specific games.

The Competition

The AI'12 GGP competition is designed to test the abilities of general game playing systems by comparing their performance on a variety of games. The competition will consist of two tracks: a classic track and an imperfect-information track.

For both tracks there will be a qualification round and a runoff competition. In the qualification round on 5 December, entrants will play several different types of games, including single-player games, two-person competitive games, and cooperative games. Players will have to handle all of these possibilities. The best entrants will advance to the second round.

On 6 December, the best of the qualifiers in each track will play the finals round, where they will be pitted against each other in a series of games. In the classic track, finals will include elimination, while the imperfect information track will continue as a round robin.

Note that, prior to the competition, players will be told nothing about the games to be played. The rules of all games will be transmitted to the players electronically at the beginning of each game. Game playing systems must be able to read the rules for each game, receive runtime information from the game manager, and inform the manager of its moves.

Competition Results and Standings

Game Descriptions

Prize and Eligibility

A purse of $1,000 will be equally distributed among the winners of the two tracks. The competition is open to all computer systems, except those generated by affiliates of the University of New South Wales.

Competition Rules



Classic Information GDL I Track

Incomplete Information GDL II Track

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